Signs a Guy Is Interested in You

You see a guy when you’re out and about, he’s pretty fine and you are definitely single. He might even be your friend but you desperately want more to happen. The struggle of what to do and what not to do can be horrendous if you can’t tell whether he’s into you or not.

Life would be a lot easier if you can pick up onĀ the signs a guy is interested in you? Men are not the most subtle of creatures and there are many signs that you can look out for, so you know whether he is worth pursuing or not. He might show all these signs or maybe just a few of them, it depends on the man.

7 Signs a Guy is Interested in You

He’s looking at you – Seems pretty obvious, but if a guy notices you in a bar or club – he will look over at you. Whether he makes this obvious or not completely depends on the guy because some are more confident than others. If there is an initial attraction however, you will catch his eye, in which time, you should give him a sexy smile. If you are already friendly with the guy, you might notice that he never wants to leave your side. This could mean he’s marking his territory and wants other guys to know that you are with him.

It’s all in the body languageIf a man is interested in you, he will be very tactile and often, his hands will do all the talking. Does he make a lot of eye contact? Does he lean into you when he speaks? Does he find excuses to touch you? All these are signs that he is really attracted to you, and would like to be more than just friends. Next time you are talking to him, check out the way his body is positioned because this will show you the signs a guy is interested in you.

Signs a guy is interested in youHe asks questions – Men know that we love to talk, so by asking you questions, he is trying to get to know you and also keep the conversation going. Be sure to return the questions and give him lots of eye contact, if you want to show him that you are interested too.

He gives you compliments – A guy who likes you, is going to tell you nice things about yourself. This could be to do with your appearance or just how much he likes spending time with you. Listen carefully to his words because he wouldn’t be saying these compliments to just anybody…

He buys you things – We’re not talking diamonds here (although wouldn’t that be nice?) He buys you things, from gestures as small as a coffee to a magazine. Spending his hard earned cash on you, is a sign that he wants to take things further and wants you to like him too. After-all, he could be spending his cash on beer or netflix, but you are his top priority for a reason.

He drops other women’s names into conversations – Ahh yes, men love to play games and he wants you to know that he is wanted. By mentioning other ladies, this could do a sign that he likes you and is just trying to make you jealous. This is a tricky one though because he could be mentioning other women, to let you know he isn’t available. It’s really a question of looking at the other signs that he is giving off and making a valid judgement based on that.

He texts you/emails you/phones you – If he seems to be constantly getting in touch with you, it might be because he enjoys more than just your company, in a friendly way. Making future plans and wanting to hang out with you all the time, is a big sign that he is interested in you. If he always seems to be initiating contact with you, maybe it’s time to show you that you like him too.


Guys are really not as complicated as they seem and the signs a guy isĀ interested in you, are pretty to easy to grasp. It can be very difficult for them to hide their attraction and it should become obvious over time. Now that you know the signs and know what to look out for, it’s time to let him know that you are into him too. Life’s too short for games, so give him a big hint and just let everything else happen naturally.

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