Obsession Formula Review – Create Her Fantasies

There is a wide range of programs tailored for relationships out there, but Adam Lyons’ video tutorial, known as the Obsession Formula, has obtained rave reviews across the board. We’ve put together this Obsession Formula review to find out what the reason is for the program’s surging popularity.

Obsession Formula Review video

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The tutorial exploits scientific concepts to help men understand why the dating game seems so difficult to crack and offers actionable guidance on what those looking for relationships or casual affairs can do to turn things around. The program focuses on a specific line of thought and is seen as one of the biggest insights into the mind of the woman.

About the author of the program

Adam Lyons Obsession Formula

Adam Lyons and Girlfriends

Adam Lyons is a mid-30’s man from England who has found a home in the United States. For the last one decade, he has been offering talks on how men can maximize their effectiveness in dating by following tested and proven strategies.

He has cut out a niche for himself in the field of motivation in matters of relationships and seems to follow his own lead. This is because Adam is currently living with his two girlfriends, Jane and Brooke, and the ‘throuple’ is even open to adding a fourth member to their union. The Obsession Formula review here explores what the program is all about.

What You Lean From the Obsession Formula

Adam’s tutorial explores the depths of the female mind and is a rare glimpse into the female thinking processes. The primary motivation is to ensure that women become obsessed with you. To the extent that they start picturing themselves being in a relationship with you.

One of the approaches adopted is the need to understand how women function and how they go about the process of selecting potential partners. Men seem to have very little in the way of information on what defines a great approach to women, and this formula breaks down that sense of ignorance and sheds some light.

From the program, you learn to really seduce a woman. It tends to deviate from the rather flat pickup lines of the past and focuses on a completely different approach. An approach that seeks to understand what makes a woman tick.

The goal is to get her thinking about you. Once she starts, she’ll get to the point of fantasizing about what life with you would be like. When she gets to that point, she starts creating the reality she has conjured up. And, at this stage you can now sit back and let her work her way into your plans. In a nutshell, the tutorial gives you the upper hand in the dating game.

Does the Obsession Formula work?

Judging by the avalanche of reviews from satisfied clients on Adam Lyons’ main product page, it is safe to assume that the program has worked for a large majority of those who have tried it.

There are numerous testimonials of people who were going through hardships in relation to breaking into the dating scene, and they seem to have winged it, thanks to recommendations from various quarters. The author of the program himself is also a testimony to the workings of the program, having found the key to long, open and healthy relationships himself.

The pros of the program

· It is purely scientific

The concepts laid out in the tutorial are very actionable and provable. He argues that to get a woman on your side, you need to get her to a level where she wants to be with you. She will become obsessed with you and wants to convert that obsession into a reality.

The concept of fantasy and obsession is tied to attraction. When we are attracted to something and it makes us feel good, the neurotransmitters of the brain trigger the release of a compound called dopamine. Dopamine brings about the feel-good factor. It is this compound that is responsible for addictions like gambling, and in a similar fashion, a woman becomes ‘addicted’ to the man doing the chasing.

· It deviates from conventional programs

The tutorial breaks away from regular programs that simply teach men to chase women for casual sex and short term flings. It focuses on creating lasting relationships built upon the foundation of attraction and interest.

· The Obsession Formula is relatively cheap

The whole package comes to you at the cost of only $69.99. This valuation is well within the abilities of the average man, which boosts the accessibility of the ideas shared. Coupled with the fact that this is not merely an eBook but a full video tutorial, the program is a great bargain by any standard. Those who do not like the product can actually make returns within 60 days of acquisition and obtain a full refund.

· It comes with bonuses

Once you subscribe to the program, you receive a handful of further reading materials that also tackle the area of dating. These bonuses come in the form of eBooks and are completely free.

Obsession Formula Cons

· Accessibility

Sadly, you can only access this program if you have an internet connection. If you do not, you are going to miss out on the series of insights it offers.

Why we recommend the Obsession Formula

The Obsession Formula is a great blueprint for successful relationships and long-term sexual friendships. We feel that it captures the essence of the dating landscape and gives the man a helping hand when it comes to landing partners.

It is a unique approach to a conundrum that men have faced for a long time. In addition to that, it is firmly focused on long-term goals. Ensuring that men see out their dating goals. In addition to that, it offers scientific analyses of how obsession works and how it is interwoven into the dating scene. Lastly, the author is credible, having been a consultant in matters of sex and relationship for more than a decade now.

The Obsession Formula has been able to penetrate areas where previous dating information materials failed to venture into. It captures the essence of human attraction and the need to fulfill base emotions, whether they have something to do with love, sex and infatuation. In wrapping up this Obsession Formula review, it has definitely earned the wave of fame it is riding on. The numerous positive reviews on the internet are an enduring testimony to this assertion.

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