This is How To Get A Man To Commit

The task of getting a man to commit has been one that has frustrated women from time immemorial. As a general rule, women tend to be more ready and willing to build a strong committed relationship than men are. Men are normally happier to leave their options open for longer to allow them to “play the field” and see if another woman comes along that they prefer.

Fortunately there is good news if you’ve found your ideal guy and want to get him to wholeheartedly commit to a relationship with you, as there several steps you can take which make it far more likely to make a strong commitment to you at an earlier stage. Let’s take a look at them one by one!

Don’t Be Needy or Clingy in a Relationship

Many of the keys to building a successful and committed long-term relationship are counter intuitive. When a guy gives off signals that he might need a little time to himself or displays signs that his commitment has cooled off a bit, a high percentage of women get worried and immediately become clingy and desperate to please so as to avoid him backing away even a little. This type of behavior is the exact opposite of what you want to display if you want him to commit to you.

Firstly, many men are frightened off by women being overly clingy and avoid commitment for this reason. Secondly, by showing the guy that you’re incredibly keen on him and need him to always be there you are putting yourself at a disadvantage in the relationship.

Neither of these outcomes are helpful for building commitment and so you should avoid being overly clingy and have a real independent streak that keeps him on his toes and makes him both want to commit and feel comfortable about committing, too.

Be Your Awesome Unique Self At All Times!

Showing off your unique personality and idiosyncrasies can play a huge role in making a man want to commit to you. After all, if you’re just the same as the majority of other women out there then the chances are he won’t be as worried as much about potentially losing you if he doesn’t commit.

This is why you should be your true self at all times in your relationship to allow him to get to know the real and unique you. This might be singing while you cook, laughing in an awkward yet endearing way, and speaking your mind on issues you feel strongly about. A man will bond more strongly with a unique woman who is confident in being herself and comes across as being truly authentic at all times.

This increases the chances of commitment, especially nowadays with so many women trying to be turn themselves into cardboard cutouts of what magazines and TV series tell them an attractive woman should be like. Don’t be like that. Show off your unique side and watch commitment come your way!

Limit Criticism and Maximize Praise

No one is suggesting you should ever become a doormat in a relationship and simply acquiesce to every demand of your man; however, it is also true that there is too much criticism and not enough encouragement in a lot of relationships, which makes committing to a person difficult for some men.

Men suffer from self-esteem issues as much as women, but just don’t outwardly discuss it in the same way. If men can find a partner who encourages them in all aspects of their life and they see the huge positive spillover this has in their career and personal life, they will be far more likely to commit for the long-run.

Studies have shown that the most successful long-term relationships – i.e. those where commitment remains highest from both partners over a long period of time – have a ratio of five parts of praise and encouragement to every one part of encouragement. Let your partner see your on his side, willing him on and watch as he commits to you and builds a relationship closer to that of a soul mate than one simply built on lust.

By applying these strategies you will increase the chances of getting the guy of your dreams to commit to you. They are not hard to put into action as they mainly involve being true to yourself and operating from a position of strength and love.