5 Ways to Keep a Man Interested

It’s a beautiful thing when you are able to find a guy who seems to be really in to you. You are finally happy and you can’t get enough of the romance you share together. But let’s be honest. The time will come when you are plunging south out of the “honeymoon” phase and you are quickly trying to discover ways to keep your man interested in the relationship.

The following are 5 ways to keep him interested.

Tip#1 – Show your man respect. While respect is definitely a two way street, this is a huge deal with men. You may find yourself in a heated situation and you may become tempted to speak in a demeaning way. Hold your tongue, remain soft and gentle with your words, and most importantly, respect your man.

Respecting him is required in private and especially in public. This is the quickest way to see your man out the door. He will not tolerate a tantrum in public where you completely cut off his manhood.

Tip#2 – He needs to feel secure. While men have large egos, you would be surprised to know (if you don’t already) that they are extremely sensitive. Remember, they have had a female figure in their life and they have been nurtured and protected. You are likely filling in on this role.

Men are easily threatened and will feel very insecure if you don’t protect his heart and keep his ego strong. Always remind your man how much you appreciate him and how he makes you feel safe and secure. He will truly appreciate your appreciation of him and will likely stick around.

Tip#3 – Reward him often. Listen ladies, it may be a task to dig deep often to make your man happy, but it’s all worth it in the long run. Reward him with sweet gestures without solicitation. Show him you are attentive to his needs and you have been listening. Bring home his favorite electronic or video game and kick back to play with him. He needs to know you still have the ability to have fun.

Rewards are not exclusive to electronic and other boyish treats. Remember, you have a man. He deserves manly rewards too. You must keep him romantically entertained as well. Learn his deepest fantasy and become that women often. You may even have to go into character. Nonetheless, it’s very important to keep the relationship spicy.

It’s nice for you to take the lead during the romantic times. This will be a nice reward for him. Always seek out ways to keep the bedroom kinky and sexy. If you don’t think he will remain interested in what you may have up your sleeve for the next time, you are crazy. He will probably begin to request things of you because he’s so engaged.

Tip#4 – He needs to know you need him. There’s nothing more important to a man than to feel wanted and needed. I know many women have come into their own in this modern age, and that’s amazing. At the same time, men are competing with your independence. This is unattractive and he will not remain interested.

Men are innate providers and protectors. They must feel like they have the full ability to fulfill this role. He needs to know you absolutely depend on him for whatever you need. He needs to know you trust him to be 100% safe in his arms. When you get him in a position to believe this, trust me, he will remain interested in you like no other.

Tip#5 – I believe this is perhaps the most important tip. You must be supportive of your man. There will come a time when he’s down. He will need your shoulder and your gentle encouragement. This is not the time to say much but to remind him of his efforts and encourage him to press forward. Let him know you trust him in his decisions. He might be nervous and his comfort will come in knowing you have his back.

Even if you are truly not on board, you must take a step back and find a way to hold with him. He needs you and you need to be there for him.

There are several ways to keep your man interested. The 5 tips mentioned are only a few proven tips that I know have worked successfully in many relationships. Have fun and keep things interesting and your man will remain interested!

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