5 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

There’s nothing worse than a cheating partner. Sleeping with another man behind your back and then lying about it to your face is unforgivable. Here are five tell tale signs that she may be cheating on you.

1. She can’t help but bring up another male’s name when talking about her day. Sadly for you, the name of the man may not actually turn out to be who she’s cheating on you with. Rather, she’s using that name as a diversion tactic, subconsciously or not, and expects it to conceal her dirty deeds. Because when you ask about that person, she can flat out deny it because what she says will be true. However, be on your guard when a new man’s name keeps coming up in conversation.

2. She struggles to make eye contact with you and avoids kissing on the lips. You may notice that she has stopped looking directly at you when chatting. Plus, the amount of affection shown has been reduced to hugs. Hugs have their place but kissing is a necessity for a couple in love. If she kisses you less than before and doesn’t look you in the eye when you ask her a question, you may be dating a cheater.

3. She starts taking the items she left at your place back home to her place. One of the typical warning signs your girlfriend is cheating on you is that her extra pile of panties she left in your underwear drawer starts to dwindle. Also notice if she brings her toiletries to your house and leaves with them in the morning. Similarly, make note of how often and how many of your items she returns to you.

4. She makes excuses not to stay over at your place. Isn’t it odd that your girlfriend has suddenly become so busy? Is may be out of character for her to have so many engagements to get to, people to help out, or even have an extra workload that absolutely has to be finished during the only time you two can get together; particularly when her job doesn’t demand that she take work home with her. That concert you bought tickets for you and her to go to, forget about it and take a friend.

5. She asks you to wear a condom during sex. If you haven’t previously practiced safe sex with a condom and suddenly demands that you wear one during sex then take it as a sign that she’s cheating. The likely reasons are: one, she doesn’t want to pass on to you something she may have become infected with from sleeping with someone else; or two, she doesn’t want to carry your baby just as things are heating up with the other guy. If in doubt, ask for an explanation. Take any answer with suspicion but don’t act on it. Wait for proof, then act.

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